START Your Journey to Create Passive Income and Build Your Online Empire!

What You Will Learn:

☑️ Build up your millionaire mindset: How to be an unstoppable entrepreneur

☑️ Monetize your knowledge and life experience

☑️ Step by step to create FROM SCRATCH your online business - you decide the time and place you work from!

☑️ How to create a solid personal brand, making it EASY for people to find you and want to work with you.

☑️ The step-by-step on how to use online management tools (social media, landing pages, funnels, payment gateways, etc).

☑️ How to create catchy content to grow your audience and sell strategically.

☑️ How to launch irresistible offers that your clients will love.

☑️ Get the foundation of sales and marketing strategies I've used to grow my business!


I'm Wanda Borowiec

For the past 3 years of my life I've been experiencing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, building up my personal brand and working on my online business.

I am here to help you find the power of your message, to remind you the impact you can make with the uniqueness of your being. I know what is like to feel like you have no options, like the only way to live is from paycheck to paycheck as if there were no other options.
I've been broke, and I've transformed my life.
You can achieve this too, and I want to show you what worked for me so that you can become financially independent, stop changing your time for money, travel around the world, enjoy with your family and most importantly, live life.