About Me & My Mission

Wanda, the author of numerous online courses, training programs for women, and nutrition guides, is passionate about subjects related to fitness, nutrition, motivation, habits, mind, and energy. She specializes in the online business industry, creating applications for iOS, Android, and the web, designing websites, and creating graphics. In addition to recording audiobooks and podcasts, Wanda leads online courses and training programs. Her areas of expertise include coaching and mentoring, focusing on fitness, diet, habits, life, business, happiness, and mind programming. She not only assists in building an online business from scratch but also in its promotion and automation to achieve success even while sleeping. Having started not from scratch but from a significant deficit, she now guides women on how to become financially independent. Always ready to share knowledge and support others in achieving their goals.

My name is Wanda, and I'm 38 years old, looking and feeling better than ever!

For over 18 years, I've been a trainer and despite numerous trainings (from pilates, yoga, to crossfit and strength training), I've made many mistakes that you don't have to make!

Instead of a feminine body, I built a masculine one. Instead of a defined waist, I had a rectangular one. Instead of buttocks, I built thighs. And when wearing a dress, I didn't feel feminine.

Moreover, over 10 years ago, I suffered from thyroid issues, had heart murmurs, and other health problems. I was constantly tired, had mood swings, and had no time for anything, except for a schedule filled with visits to various doctors.

For over 8 years, I've been training myself and my clients in Berlin, and for 3 years online, following my WANDA TRAINING System.


Health, energy, and the dream body!

Additionally, successes in personal and professional life, because with good health, you can achieve anything you dream of!

And that's without a gym, without a trainer, and without wasting time!

If both my clients and I can do it, so can you!




I know that the excess of conflicting information is frustrating.

I know that nothing hurts as much as wasting time and money, going in circles, or staying in the same place without achieving your desired results.

My goal is to show you the fastest and most effective path to your dream goal.

Luckily, you don't have to search on your own and make my mistakes because in a moment, you'll discover the secret of my system. This way, you'll stop wasting time and money, finally regain your energy and radiance, and sculpt a feminine, proportional body that you'll be proud of!

I use only the most effective methods and exercises, dedicating 21-30 minutes a day to training, treating it as an essential part of the day, just like sleep, bathing, or eating. 

My purpose is to help YOU feel you quit the stupid diet fads and realise your health and fitness journey does NOT need to be as difficult as you think.

I've helped over 1.000+ women over the course of 4 years change their lifes and become their most confident selves!

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I strive to help educate women on all things health and wellness so THEY can step out into the world independently feeling empowered.



I believe in community and connection. Creating genuine, soul vibrating connection with our clients and community! 


I strive to get 1% better everyday and inspire my clients to do so as well. My community and clients are forever evolving and improving: mentally, physically and emotionally.


We are a team. We pride ourselves in having hard and meaningful conversations related to all things best for our clients. We will not let you fail.




I started my career as a group fitness instructor and later became a personal trainer and nutritionist in Poland (Wroclaw) in 2005.

In 2012, I moved to Berlin.

Since 2012, I have been working as a group and personal trainer as well as a nutritionist. I have conducted various types of courses, ranging from Pilates and Yoga to Dance Choreography and Step Aerobics, to Strength Training and CrossFit in some of the best Fitness Clubs in Berlin, but....

I was constantly exhausted, frequently falling ill, and had over 100 people in my classes every day. While aiming to sculpt my glutes, build my thighs, and improve my overall physique, my health suffered.

I made a decision to dedicate my life to reclaiming my health and shaping the feminine body. I promised myself that once I achieved this, I would teach others that nothing is impossible.

And so it happened.

Not only do I help women achieve their best bodies, but I also assist them in regaining their radiance, energy, and reprogramming their mindset.

By doing so, they achieve success not only in their personal lifes but also in their professional careers.

So grateful for the journey and so glad you are here!