Get the Best Body in Your Life!

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Get the Best Body in Your Life!

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9 Month Beach Body and Booty Building Program is an optional GET FIT BY WANDA program not included in your premium GET FIT BY WANDA Membership. We recommend securing your special discount for it on this page if you’d like to embark on your GET FIT BY WANDA journey with the best possible clarity program and make the most of everything now available to you.



Now that you’re a GET FIT BY WANDA Member, your path starts with some crucial questions…

For instance, what does BEST BODY actually mean to you?

Which dimensions of lifestyle should you be focusing on first for your most impactful breakthroughs?

And what exactly will your ultimate life look like, once you start growing in all the ways that matter to you?

Your GET FIT BY WANDA Membership gives you near-infinite opportunities to transform: and it’s your mission to chart your best, most rewarding path.

The path to extraordinary healthy body and energy -

The path to a life lived on your terms and nobody else’s -

The path to a life so amazing, you’d want to live it ten times over if you could.

BEACH BODY and BOOTY BUILDING PROGRAM is design system that sets you on the right path for you.

It’s a FULL PROGRAM, created for you, that empowers you with a clearly system of success for every day with 30 min effective workouts.

When you started your progra,, you gain lifelong clarity on what your body really need to get the best body in your life - free from the distractions and obstacles that might otherwise hold you back. you need onlie do onday trainigon monday tuesdays workou un tuesday and so on. 24 h rest between workouts.

This in turn empowers you to focus on the best PROGRAM, exercises, and methode now available to you in your GET FIT BY WANDA Membership: so your transformational journey leads you to your absolute best body in your life, and the best version of you.

Transform your body and life in just 9 months.

Most people only focus on improving their trainig, diet, health - but in reality just for shor time, becous of too many options, information, or others distractions.

BEACH BODY & BOOTY BUILDING PROGRAM quide you through a powerful life envisioning process, that shows you how to leverage your GET FIT BY WANDA Membership to thrive in JUST 9 month. Every area of your life gets will be better, without sacrifice or compromise. And every aspect of your potential is nurtured to the fullest.

BEACH BODY PROGRAM ( 9 different plans, 12 training in month, 30 min long)

BOOTY BUILDING PROGRAM ( 9 different plans, 12 training in month, 30 min long)




Your journey begins next Monday

Imagine Your ultimate health & fitness

You look and feel incredible - and the people around you swear you’re looking years younger. Because from your nutrition to exercise to longevity, you've designed a health and wellness plan that fits your goals and schedule - and that you can stick to effortlessly.

"I'm only a month away from reaching my ideal weight."

Kathrin S.

Germany, Berin


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  • The entire 9 month BOOTY BUILDING  program, where you will growing your booty without growing thighs
  • The entire STRETCH & MOBILITY  program, where you will heatlhy back, mobility, flexibility core...
  • Convenient, printable, gorgeously designed Journal t
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